Group Classes

Group classes taught by Xpert Certified, award-winning instructors are offered 7 days a week at various levels based on skill and experience. Students are not required to complete a set number of classes at a specific level; when you can pass the test you move up.

In addition to pole classes, we offer a rotating menu of fitness classes such as Functional Flexibility, Handbalancing, and Bananas 4 Splits. Choreography-based classes are offered in a variety of styles at the discretion of the individual instructor. Professional pole dance heels such as Pleasers may be worn in some classes and are sold at the studio.

Private Lessons

Privates are scheduled by appointment. Please contact us to make arrangements with the instructor of your choice. A single one-hour lesson is $75; a package of 3 is $200.


Due to the current worldwide health emergency we do not believe we can safely hold Pole Parties; therefore, they are not sold at this time.

Open Practices

Open Practices are non-instructed and do not count as a class; unlimited practice sessions are included in studio memberships at no additional charge. Monthly class packages include 3 practice sessions. If you are new to pole, we ask that you complete at least two lessons before coming to Open Practice. Please be safe: ask for a spot if you need it, and always use a mat when trying something new!